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I received a lot of specialized attention and guidance from sheila. I felt very motivated to accomplish my goals. I recommend her coaching services.


I had the pleasure of being coached by Sheila at a time when I was at a cross roads in life. She used guided imagery, creating an environment of calm and peace. I could focus on me and get to the root of things. I believe Sheila to be someone who is dedicated to bringing out the best in people. I recommend Sheila’s coaching practice.


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Vegetables: Episode 13

“Good Food is A Good Life” – Sheila Inman You should stock your kitchen with broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, peppers, and bell peppers as they are essential to your pantry. Optional items are lettuce, fresh or frozen spinach, arugula, squashes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers. Broccoli Do you remember when your parents insisted that you … Continue reading Vegetables: Episode 13

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