Falling In Love With Food

What’s In Your Pantry Series?

Welcome to AWE’s pantry series! Let us do what we love! I love delicious cuisine. The cuisine is different for everyone. I’m curious about how it tastes; it’s texture, nutritional value, and beauty.

The etymology of cuisine and the people who prepare it are essential to understand, as each culture has an energetic signature. The best chefs put themselves into their dishes, leaving their distinct names. I believe we ingest a little part of the energy of the preparer—their heart and soul.

A confident chef knows how to put their heart and soul into cooking. They have discovered ingredients, which make their cuisine memorable yet healthy. These ingredients taste delicious. Thus, creating flavor combos, that resonates with people. By keeping certain spices on hand, you will have a treasure trove of spices. You will become confident and know which seasoning or spices will create the magic you wish to weave. The magic of “Falling in Love With Food.” 

The pantry is the first place to start. You will discover your tastes through experimentation. So, let’s begin with the essential ingredients you need in your pantry.

I have compiled a list of spices that will get you started. There are 14 episodes in the “What’s Your Pantry Series,” each one will provide details that will help you learn about nutritional value and taste.

Hopefully, you will fall in love with food, just as I have.