Fats & Oils

The Truth About Fats & Oils

 Grass-Fed Butter

Did you know butter is created by churning fresh or fermented cream? When the butterfat is separated from the buttermilk, butter is the result! Grass-fed butter is a combination of pasteurized cream, salt, and cultures. The naturalness of the process makes me excited about eating butter!

Grass-fed butter contains anti-Inflammatory properties, which aids in better heart health. It is an excellent source of vitamin A which provides energy, appetite-suppressing MCTs, and helps prevent cancer.

It is a myth that saturated fat causes heart disease. Some studies show there is no association between heart disease and saturated fat.”

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Greece and Spain are the world’s largest producer and exporter of extra virgin olive oil. The oleic acid in olive oil is known to reduce blood pressure. Olive oil also contains many antioxidants, like vitamin E, carotenoids, and oleuropeins.

Even when heated, it still contains healthy vitamins, such as vitamin A and E. It can help you live longer, retain memory, protect your heart, and possibly reduce your risk of cancer.