Daily Dose of Happiness

Here’s Your Happiness Journal

The Key To Happiness Is The Realization That No One Can Make You Happy! Happiness Is A Belief System and Decision You Make!

– Sheila Inman
1. Know that the sun rises and sets everyday.

Start everyday brand new. Leave yesterday in the past.

Take action. Move forward, step by step.

Find satisfaction in the small things and the big things:

  • Go for a run, rain or shine!
  • Do activities that you love!
2. Attitude is everything. Smile. If you can’t. then, fake it til you make it.

Be open to new things. Try a new dish. Expand your friends network:

  • Join a social group
  • Volunteer
3. Purchase a diary and record your ideas or thoughts.

If you meditate every day record your feelings or impressions at that moment. Or record your thoughts upon waking. The first impression is usually the ones that ring true.

When you understand your motivations, then it’s easy to expand qualities within yourself that need growing.

4. Take part in activities that you love!

Make a list of all of your favorite hobbies.

Hang out with friends or family that build you up:

  • Key 1 – Reciprocity. Good relationships are build on equal give and take.
  • Key 2 – Positive vibes! Positivity moves one forward, it builds.

Happiness is different for everyone. I hope you find these suggestions useful!

If you would like to record your thoughts and get inspiration, then purchase, ” Create Your Own World,” by yours truly.

This 288-page workbook is for those who want to create change in their life. It includes 21-mile markers which represent spiritual challenges. We included pro tips that challenge you to persevere and move confidently towards your vision. If you like journaling, then you’ll enjoy the gratitude, and self-love journal. It’s now available on Amazon.

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