Our mission is to remove stress, some of the common causes are physical(i.e inflammation), and mental. We help you think deeply, trigger the way you make decisions and choices about wellness. We believe that we all are here on a mission to help one another succeed. A.W.E ‘s mission is to encourage others to shine. We offer culinary coaching, nutrition education, yoga principles, wellness resources, and beauty tips.

We love diversity, such as Italian pasta, Phos and Sushi. Healthy foods like turnip greens, butter beans, okra, sweet potatoes, trout, and cornbread are good country foods that I grew up eating, it feed’s the soul.

A.W.E offers to coach you on healthy lifestyles, and healthy and tasty foods. As people, we are different and prefer a variety of recipes such as Vegan, Keto, Pescatarian, Clean eating, and the Mediterranean way.

There are no restrictions in the A.W.E model, our job is to show you healthy alternatives so that you may eat the right foods that give you positive results. How do you change? You take it one step at a time.

We will do it, one person, at a time.

Our Passion

A.W.E will provide both nutrition and culinary coaching, which is gentle, balanced, and pleasurable. A.W.E enjoys collaborating with others so that we may build a healthier community. We are healthcare advocates and have partnered with the Virginia Department of Health as Covid19 Community Ambassadors.

As you think deeply about your choices and decisions, you will clarify your values, increase your awareness, set priorities, meet challenges head-on, brainstorm possibilities, and design positive actions that will help you achieve your goals.

Why? When you undergo the process of change, you increase your understanding of self-love, and what it means to you. Self-love embodies good health because you treat yourself better. As you love yourself is how you love others.

There are surprising health benefits to loving yourself. The top ten healthcare benefits that are related to self-love are lower blood pressure, less substance abuse, less depression, fewer doctor’s appointments, less anxiety, less pain, less stress, fewer colds, longer life, faster healing, and a happier life!

Our Focus

Our focus is communicating positive messages about self-love. Our definition of self-love is leading a healthy life, building wellness awareness in our community, and eating healthy foods.

We encourage self-love by engaging in behavioral change and coaching with a positive mindset. AWE is focused on edifying people by being compassionate, authentic and helping others find their own answers.

Our Model

We use our healthcare coaching model to help others lead healthier lifestyles. We have seen the effects of stress in the community as many of us were affected by Covid19. Covid 19 had a catastrophic effect on our economy, our health, and our health systems. Stress has caused an increase in blood pressure, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, inflammation, and the risk of viruses. We want to improve healing and prevent disease so our community may live a happier life!

Change occurs when we evaluate our belief system, encourage others to overcome fear, encourage self-love, are confident, and focus on the solutions.

A.W.E’S philosophy is to offer kindness, be authentic, and use our knowledge to help others reach their goals.

We will not give up on you!

Let’s Work Together?

Our task is to create positive collaborations, so let us collaborate and grow? We are confident in our culinary coaching philosophies.

Culinary Coaching

A.W.E offers online virtual cooking events on different topics such as spring cookies, mini chef baking school, gluten-free cooking, muffin madness, bundt baking, and batch cooking. Come cook with me and let’s make something special together?

Nutrition Education

We have a passion for nutrition education and offer a variety of nutrition topics. Our goal is to motivate you and inspire change. We offer positive solutions such as vision boards, happiness guidance, and ways to can create your own world!


As you become healthier and wiser about nutrition practices, A.W.E offers more resources such as nutrition articles, recipes library, wellness books, and planners to help you reach your health goals, and record important concepts.


Although beauty is different for everyone, AWE will offer holistic products that you can eat and wear at the same time. If you can eat it, then you can wear it! Balance is essential to good health.

I believe a healthy lifestyle should be gentle, balanced, and pleasurable!

I encourage you to listen to your body, enjoy edibles made with whole foods, and love yourself to wellness!

Let’s Connect

Ask me all your health-related questions and recipes.