The Benefits of Vitamin D

June 27, 2021

Cauliflower Pizza

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Are you getting enough vitamin D? The research shows vitamin D benefits bone, heart, thyroid immune, and oral health. I want to share with you my findings on this great vitamin. An article about Vitamin D supplementation showed that ” Vitamin D positively affected lower limb muscle strength in athletes, but not upper limb muscle strength or muscle power.” “Different muscle groups and functions may respond differently to vitamin D supplementation.” There is also some credible research on how vitamin D can support mood. Below are some interesting nutritional facts from my research.

It’s About The D?

Vitamin D is so crucial because it is needed for our body’s many processes. It’s fat-soluble, and our bodies synthesize vitamin D naturally through exposure to sunlight. You can also find vitamin D in dietary sources, such as salmon, mackerel, herring, sun-exposed mushrooms, eggs, and dairy products. 

I love this in ice cream. Cauliflower pizza is another yummy vitamin D fortified dish. I suggest you get your vitamin D from food as some foods are rich in vitamin D. Also, check with your physician to make sure your are getting enough.

Vitamin D Vs. Supplement?

Many people have vitamin D insufficiency. The research shows about 50% of the population suffers from low vitamin D. Experts suggest that you need Vitamin D enriched foods, sunlight, and supplements. 

I’m so excited to create recipes that will support vitamin D, bone, and heart health in the coming days. In the meantime, we suggest you see your healthcare provider and ensure that you have the correct vitamin D levels in your system!. 

My Top Beneficial Findings For Vitamin D

Bone density

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones. It’s due to the absorption of calcium and bone mineralization. This process is critical to bone health.   

Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D is the catalyst that causes increased calcium absorption from the intestines. This absorption develops the bone matrix. The body needs vitamin D because the body absorbs no more than 10-15% calcium from the diet without it. On the flip side, when there is enough vitamin D, the body absorbs 30-40% dietary calcium.


The neural activity in the brain is negatively impacted by the lack of vitamin D. Serotonin production is also linked to Vitamin D. Serotonin is sometimes called the happy hormone. We need this happy hormone as low serotonin levels are evident in those with depression. As you can see, vitamin D may improve mood, and relieve the symptoms of depression.  

Heart Health

Cardiovascular conditions caused by high blood pressure are linked to Low vitamin D. So we must have enough vitamin D is in our system.


Immune system cells can synthesize and react to Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a vital role in immune responses and immune system cells. 


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