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My name is Sheila Inman. I was born in the US. I graduated with a degree in “Information Systems Systems” and “Healthcare Management.” I studied healthcare coaching at Georgetown University in 2016.  I enjoyed my experience very much, as a result, I created “AWE TV.”  I  give tips, and demonstrate healthy and delicious recipes.  

I believe that we all are here on a mission to help others. I am a person who loves a challenge. I have learned that life is about experiences and learning.  Helping people SHINE their light, is a beautiful feeling. A.W.E ‘s mission is to encourage others to shine. Most importantly, not to be ashamed of failure, but to grow to from the experience! I hope to influence people to be true to themselves. 

How do you change the world? One person at a time. Strength, courage, and integrity are different for everyone. It’s about knowing yourself better through experiences and learning to move forward, learning the lessons from the past, and not getting stuck.  

How Do You Change The World?

My purpose is to do what I love doing. Perhaps, influence others to break old patterns and do what they love to do!

 What brought me to nutrition education? 

When I was eight years old, I played with my mother’s cosmetics. I was curious about how cosmetics interacts with food! I mixed her talcum powder with eggs just for the experience.  My curiosity was like the opening “Pandora’s Box.” I’m smiling as I am writing this! I fell in love with food at eight years old because I was curious about food science even then. 

I learned from my obstacles and garnered some wins. By learning to grow from obstacles, I now know that obstacles are part of the growth process. Facing life’s challenges, grows wisdom. As I reached my goals, I began to see life from a different perspective. I saw the fallacies in the way people thought about themselves. I saw a lack of self-love, self-care, and confidence. These three things impede success.

Success is about being curious, getting out of your way, minimizing fear and ambivalence. They say time changes things, but I have learned that change occurs when you change yourself.

I offer unconditional love, opportunity, and support. We all need someone in our life to help us along the way!

Sheila Inman