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I’m Sheila Inman

Health author, nutritionist, owner + founder of the A.W.E Health Program, TEA brand, and Angels Working On Earth LLC.

I’m passionate about empowering people to nourish their bodies naturally. I wrote my first book, “Create Your Own World” to help you find balance and to achieve your goals in life!

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I Discovered Cooking at Age 8

I remember mixing my mother’s talcum powder and eggs together to see what would happen. As I became more experienced in the kitchen, my mother let me take over making the meals. I was so happy because it was something I was good at and I enjoyed it! When I was a teenager, I became a chronic scale watcher who was obsessed with weight – to the point where I was verging on a serious eating disorder. I would binge eat and reduce my food intake because I wanted to stay thin. I was not overweight, I just enjoyed the control I had over my body, and how it worked. This way of thinking became my ‘normal’ for a while.

During that time, my self-esteem centered around managing my weight. The number on the scale would yo-yo. Up, down, up, down. I was mesmerized by the numbers on the scale! I was caught in a toxic cycle. Food governed my life in an unhealthy way, and I hurt myself by bingeing and then restricting myself with food.

I thought that being thin was the ideal. As I grew older, I began to feel stressed out about being stressed over my weight, which was normal for my age. I realized I had to stop worrying. One day I realized that I was enough! I was/AM great just the way I was! It was many years later that I learned that what I was doing was serious. I transformed my eating patterns by knowing I was enough and took positive actions which empowered me. Before I looked outward for approval and now I look inward for approval. I learned to love myself.

• I used food to reward myself
• I used food to feel perfect
• I use food to fit in as I thought being thin was the ideal.

It was a very stressful time

I was obsessed with food in a negative way. On the outside, I was the model child, but on the inside, I was distracted by the pursuit of perfection.

In The Now

Now, I touch upon what life means to me through experiences and practice. While before, I lived day by day, without really being in touch with my souls journey.

We all have a journey in this life. It is up to us to go out into the world and to self-actualize and share with the world our unique perspectives. This is what I hope to do until there is no more time.

An insightful person once said, “Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life.

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results”. – Anonymous

I have hope and faith that I will fulfill my purpose. I will count my blessings, move forward, and never look back.

“Today, I have a relaxed approach to nutrition, my body, and wellbeing. I listen to my body and heart! I don’t restrict myself and I give my body exactly what it needs. I enjoy balanced whole foods, deserts, and love myself.”

It All Came Together!

Self-love has taught me that I needed to treat myself well. So, I committed myself to understand what nutrition was all about. When I learned about how the body works, my belief systems towards food; my health completely changed. Today, I have taken control of my life, my eating habits, and my thought processes. I studied nutrition, coaching, and healthcare management for five years; I completed a Masters in Healthcare Management, a Masters Nutrition Certificate and studied at Georgetown’s Healthcare coaching program.

“My nutrition studies have nurtured my excitement about food science and so I have shifted my focus to whole foods and flavor. Creating recipes has healed my relationship with food. Now, I am here to help you do the same.”

Helping People Stay Motivated

“The Quality of Your Relationships Reflect The Quality of Your Healing.”

― Sheila Jessica Inman

” If You Follow Your Own Path You Will Always Be Authentic!”

― Sheila Jessica Inman

“Feel The Breeze, Listen To The Calm, Bask in The Sunlight.”

― Sheila Jessica Inman

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Making nutritious recipes are like supplements for your family’s health. We create whole foods recipes, and plant-based products with the fewest number of allergens possible.”

Ask me all your health-related queries and recipes.