The Benefits of Lemon in Pregnancy!

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Vitamin C & How it Benefits Pregnancy

Vitamin C builds immunity in the body. It is an important antioxidant and so you must keep your immunity strong! Women are at higher risks of developing illnesses during pregnancy. Your body has more responsibility, as it is protecting both you and the baby.

Vitamin C is linked to birth weight and length. According to a study I read both vitamin C and E were high in the second trimester of pregnancy.  Increased intake of vitamin C in mid-pregnancy resulted in increased fetal growth and infant growth for up to 6 months of age.

The absorption of iron, another crucial nutrient for a healthy pregnancy, is enhanced by vitamin C. It is recommended that mixing lemon on high iron foods will increase the absorption. So if you struggle with anemia or are only getting iron from plant foods, then squeeze a little lemon on top.

Does lemon help with nausea can be tough especially in the first trimester.

Diffuse a little lemon essential oil. It may help settle your stomach per the 2015 study of women who complained of mild to moderate nausea.  25% of women found it to be effective in preventing nausea and vomiting.

A few drops in your diffuser may be a great homeopathic remedy to try. Be mindful that ingesting essential oil of any kind is not recommended. The FDA hasn’t regulated it. Plus, it may contain a lot of sugar. Beware of sugar!


The problem is the lack of fiber and the sugar content. The recommendation is to eat lemons naturally as lemons contain a lot of fiber. Plus, the sugar is more natural, coming from a fruit. If you don’t eat lemons naturally, then you are missing out on important fiber when you juice fruits as opposed to eating them.


The acidic content in lemons is a bad recipe for heartburn. Especially, drinking beverages like lemonade can contribute to heartburn. Heartburn is already a common during pregnancy. 

Tooth erosion

Tooth erosion means losing the enamel coating that covers your teeth and is not a good thing. 

Pregnant women are more susceptible to inflammation in the mouth. Lemon juice can be one of the top beverages contributing to tooth erosion.

Is lemon water good for pregnancy?

Hydration is important during pregnancy and in general. Wate carries oxygen to the cells and helps the kidneys to eliminate toxins.

Pregnant women should increase their water intake because it can also aid in relieving constipation and prevent urinary tract infections.

Adding lemon to your water is safe in pregnancy. If you would like to add some creativity, then add other types of fruits to the water which adds flavor and increases your intake of water.

The Big Picture

Lemons are perfectly safe with a few safe guards. Some the most important benefits are : Vitamin C contributes to immunity, fetal growth, and enhanced iron absorption.

If you are looking for to relieve nausea, then lemons are a perfect way to zest up your water.

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