Pistachios While Pregnant

Ode to Pistachios

Pistachios are so flavorsome. I remember eating pistachios ice cream on the cone as a kid on a hot Summers’s day. It is sticky but so good. The hardest part is shelling them.

If you’ve been wondering if eating pistachios in pregnancy are beneficial, then the answer is yes.

Lets look into pistachios benefits while pregnant?

Can I eat pistachios while pregnant?

Yes! It’s more than safe.  Pistachios ice cream can help satisfy those pregnancy cravings. 

Pistachios, contain healthy fats like omega 3.

What food group are nuts in?

Pistachios are in the nut family and are part of the macronutrient fats. Remember these are good fat. Just don’t go overboard.

Pistachios contain  ALA or alpha-linoleic acids, a type of omega-3. 

ALA is an essential fatty acid that your body does not make. ALA can be found from plant sources.

Nutrient breakdown

A standard 1 oz. serving size equals about 49 nuts. 

One serving size of pistachios contains 161 calories, 13 grams of fat, 8 grams of carbohydrates, and 6 grams of protein. 

They are high in vitamin B6, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine (B1), and copper. 

Benefits of pistachios in pregnancy

Pistachios contain omega-3 fatty acids that are essential in fetal brain development. It can help reduce the risk of preterm birth, and perinatal death.

Pistachios may help with glucose, or sugar, and metabolism. The omega 3’s in pistachios may reduce inflammation in the body.

Pistachios & Gestational diabetes

The Mediterranean diet contains olive oil and nuts and is shown to improve pregnancy outcomes in women without gestational diabetes.

The research showed of 814 pregnant women; 434 were following a Mediterranean diet which was rich in olive oil and pistachios. 

Of the 434 on the Mediterranean diet, only 74 were diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Pistachios Serving Size?

They should only be consumed in moderation. As I said earlier, don’t go too crazy. Pistachios have the least amount of calories out of all the nuts. 49 nuts is the serving size as compared with 1-oz. serving size of walnuts which is only 7 nuts. 

The serving size for nuts, is 1-oz. 

Prenatal diet

Here are some ways pistachios can be enjoyed:

– A garnish on salads for a colorful crunch

– Added to granola

– Used in a smoothie

– Crushed up and used as a garnish or breading on your favorite protein.

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