Juicing While Pregnant

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I take a holistic approach to how I prepare foods. Everything is used, the skin and the juices. Nothing goes to wastes. Did you know that you can dehydrate the skin of veggies and fruit to create a nice fruity or veggie rub? Most people know 1 or 2 people who juice. Consider juicing with friends? If you are pregnant as you read this, then this is the perfect time to juice.

What is juicing?

Juicing is really easy. It involves squeezing the juices, pulp out of a fruit or vegetables. Some people eliminate all solid matter that was part of the fruit or vegetable. I use everything. Why juice? Juicing helps the body detox.

A juice detox cleanse can last anywhere from a week to a lifetime. The nutrients in the juice will eliminate toxins by resting your organs, stimulating your liver, and improving circulation. Then, the wastes move through the body as urine or bowel movements. 

Is juicing safe during pregnancy?

It may seem strange to ask such a question? Most of the time when you juice you are trying to improve the inner workings of your body. At the same time, you are eliminating a very important nutrient from your diet. Fiber. As I mentioned before, I use everything. You can drink the juices and make a smoothie out of the fiber. Use your creativity to find various ways to use the whole veggie or fruit.

During pregnancy, it’s important not to remove fiber. In some women, hormonal changes lead to constipation. So use every part of the food. Constipation can be so uncomfortable. So, it’s important to get everything moving again.

Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol. It moves it out of the body when you have a bowel movement and lessens the blood glucose in your body.

Some people feel that a juice cleanse while pregnant is not a good idea. Nutrients fuel the baby’s growth. The idea is that your body will lack the calories or protein to help the baby grow if you remove the protein from your body.

I suggest you use the entire veggie or fruit that way you get the benefits of the juices and the fiber. Always see a doctor about anything having to do with your caloric intake or diet. It always helps to have a 2nd opinion. Go to the USDA website to see the breakdown of fibers and nutrients in the food you eat.

The benefits to juicing during pregnancy?

Food safety

If you are going to juice regularly, it’s best that you are buying pasteurized juices. The heat in the pasteurization process reduces the chances of harmful bacteria which can hurt your unborn baby. You could also bring your juices to a boil and let them rest if it is too hot.

High blood sugar 

Check with your doctor to make sure your blood sugar levels are within normal ranges if you plan to drink juices regularly.

The high intake of fruit juices has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes. So make sure you are getting enough fiber as it helps control the rise in blood sugar.

The Big Picture

Food brings people together. It can be fun and create bonds especially if you juice with your friends. The bigger picture is the safety component. My suggestions:

  1. Enjoy pasteurized juice.
  2. Wash the produce.
  3. Check with a doctor or dietitian.

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