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Angels Working On Earth LLC will introduce you to healthy and tasty foods at the same time. I love all kinds of food. I love the right country foods like turnip greens, butter beans, okra, sweet potatoes, trout, and cornbread. These are the foods I grew up eating. The right country foods feed the soul. I also love all kinds of flavors, such as Italian pasta, Pho’s, and Sushi.

As a wellness coach, I hope to engage your heart and mind by assisting you in discovering your strengths, clarifying values, increasing awareness, setting priorities, meeting challenges, brainstorming possibilities, and designing positive actions.

My goals are to encourage personal responsibility, deep thinking, self-discovery, and self-efficacy. I know you can find your own answers and create your own possibilities rather than being given the coach’s answers or directions.

I am more than happy to meet you where you are today! Where you are today means I will ask you to take charge; guide you through mindful thinking, feeling, and doing the work, which builds confidence.

My areas of expertise are TV hosting, brand coaching, nutrition education, culinary instruction, writing inspirational books and journals, herbal tea and spice products, and teaching wellness classes.

A.W.E -TV On Fairfax Public Access Chanel 10(TBA)

Sheila Inman is the host of A.W.E -TV. She hosts two segments every month to promote recipe ideas and offer cooking tips to people in the Fairfax, Virginia area.

Brand Coach

Angels Working On Earth LLC has successfully worked with Birds Eye frozen foods as part of the Conagra brand. We successfully promoted riced cauliflower as a healthy choice. It was our pleasure to promote Grape-Nuts as it is very nutritious and great hot is any time of day. Angels Working On Earth LLC will continue to promote note worthy brands in an effort to promote diversity in our world.

Nutrition Education

My culinary studies and travels around the world have introduced me to a wide variety of experiences. Food is meant to be enjoyed. If we learn how to eat food with moderation and not a restriction, we can rekindle that part of ourselves that eats with heart. Nothing brings people together better than delicious food.

Each culture has a unique way of flavoring food. Teas and spices are a delightful way to transform the flavor in dishes and promote good health. I provide tea blending classes to promote wellness and peace of mind. Tea clears the senses and brings a sense of calm. It has many health preventative benefits too. I invite you to CONNECT with the warmth and the flavor of tea by setting positive intentions. What are you thinking about at this moment? How can you introduce it to the blend?

Tea and spices have their own ceremony and history. Blending tea is simply a way for you to tune in to you and your surroundings. I invite you to enjoy calming herbs and spices as it has noticeable effects on in-the-moment distress and anxious feelings. Inner peace leads us to wellbeing, mindfulness, and harmony.

Take time to taste, touch, and feel the tea. By tuning in to you, you will perpetuate well-being, mindfulness, and harmony. It is also called the “Way of the Tea.” I will teach you to choose a tea that resonates with you. Taste it and record your thoughts. Each person has different tastes, and so remember there is no right or wrong.

The mind can capture the essence of the aromatic experience. Tea connects your senses to memories and thoughts that manifest happiness.

Books & Journals

My travels have grown my mind in so many different ways. Now, I write about my experiences and learning by writing journals and books about nutrition. Meeting well-known authors, such as Matha Stewart, Wolf Gang Puck, Bobby Flay, and Roland Mesnier, has inspired me to write books of my own.

As a result, I have written several culinary recipe journals to record your favorite recipes. My customers may purchase my first published journal,” Blend Tea Like a Geisha: My Tea Recipe Journal,” of pen name Good Karma at Amazon. You may also buy “Love Your Self To Wellness,” which is the first journal in a series of wellness journals.

Tea Blending Classes

Tea enriches our lives. The flavorful and healthy beverage calms and heals us. It’s a conversation starter and a cultural connector. Angels Working On Earth LLC wants to provide it’s customers with a virtual tea tasting experience. Here, customers connect and learn from the coach and each other. You will taste new teas and learn how to choose, prepare, and serve your wonderful creations.

Soap Making Classes

Use your creativity to make natural soap! This class is a live interactive Zoom class where I guide you step-by-step by making bar soap using the cold process (CP)method. By the end of this class, you will have made your first batch of soap!

You’ll receive all the information you need about lye safety, working with additives, and designing a soap recipe that meets your needs. You will learn of natural colors and fragrances to use that add appeal and aroma to your bar while maintaining its naturalness.


  1. Come cook with me meet-ups, TBA (November, on Zoom)
  2. Culinary Coaching, TBA (November, on Zoom)
  3. Tea Blending Classes, TBA (November, on Zoom)
  4. Soap Making Classes, TBA (November, on Zoom)



Angels Working On Earth LLC keeps creativity HIGH. We hope you will collaborate with us on a charitable project. A.W.E is passionate about providing an artistic outlet for the community through nutrition education, coaching, creating recipes, and writing books.

Angels Working On Earth LLC will use its communications platform(A.W.E TV and social media) to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Humane Society. This funding will help them make an impact on the fight to stop cruelty before it happens.

They are working to end puppy mills, factory farms, trophy hunts, animal testing, and other cruel industries. Their vision is a humane society.

Angels Working On Earth LLC wants to use its creativity to help the Humane Society with a shared vision to end cruelty with love.



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