Sheila’s Tips to Manage Sugar Cravings – and enjoy without the regrets!

May 23, 2021

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A.W.E’S Food Philosophy

Balance, gentleness, and pleasure are A.W.E.’s food philosophy. Being healthy is about your relationship with food. We do not believe in restrictions. We prefer that you don’t calorie count or scale watch because we want you to develop a healthy relationship with food. We suggest you eat nourishing whole foods to feel good. 

 We do not believe in restrictions or deprivations. Please enjoy all of your favorite edibles, but with moderation. We hope you savor the flavor of every mouthful. Eating as you like within moderation is how you create a positive relationship with food. In time, it will be fun and sustainable.

We all have moments when we want jellybeans or cookies. Sometimes our sugar craving will get out of control, and you will want to binge. It’s normal! It may be time to learn to manage your cravings, especially if you’re finding yourself reaching for sugary foods regularly. 

The key is to choose more nutrient-dense foods when you have sugar cravings. Here are my nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you manage excess sugar cravings. 

How to enjoy a balanced diet and manage your sugar cravings 

Make each meal is satifying by adding all the right macros, e.g., complex carbs, fiber, protein, and fat. If you eat the right macros, you will feel less hungry, which means less junk snacking and cravings.

Protein at breakfast

Eating well at breakfast can set you up for the rest of your day. Dietary protein can improve appetite control by increasing in satiety. Research showed that skipping breakfast can lead to increased hunger and greater energy intake. The key is eating a breakfast, particulary one higher in protein levels. 

Manage artificial sweeteners

When reducing the sugar in your diet, it’s important not to replace it with artificial sweeteners. Repeated exposures to artificial sweeteners train flavor preference because artificial sweeteners taste so sweet; they further encourage dependence on sugar. Artificial sweeteners can be found in chewing gum, mints, and ‘sugar-free’ candies, ice cream, or chocolate.  

When you are feeling the need for sugar, try cinnamon spice to help regulate total glucose levels. Cinnamon is known to stabilize blood sugar levels. When our blood sugar levels are stable, cravings reduce. Enjoy cinnamon sprinkled on porridge, smoothies, and yogurt. Yum! 

Lifestyle tips for managing sugar cravings

Sleep well

Did you know the lack of sleep can change the levels of our hunger and satiety hormones. It’s recommended that you get 7-8 hours of sleep each night to keep sugar cravings at a minimum! Increased hunger, food cravings, and more significant selected portion size with a 33% reduction in sleep were observed in one study.

Eat mindfully

Savor your food as you eat! Being present when you eat allows you to enjoy the flavor. It also helps you be more in touch with your hunger and satiety levels. Sit down at meals without distractions such as T.V. or iPhone. Be present and take the time to revel in the taste, texture, and scent of eating!

No Restrictions!

When you tell yourself no, this creates a psychological craving for the food. You know you are lying to yourself. Be honest with yourself so not to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Enjoy indulgences in moderation!

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