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Sheila’s Smart Shopping Tips For Veggies and Fruits

June 20, 2021

Nutrition Education Series

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Budgeting isn’t easy these days as we find ourselves amidst changes because of the pandemic. Grocery prices are increasing as some of us are struggling financially due to Covid19. But, making nutritious choices does not have to hurt your wallet. The big picture is we must get enough healthy foods to reduce our risks of getting certain diseases. There are many low-cost ways to meet your fruit and vegetable needs. We have provided you with 5 tips for affordable vegetables and fruits.

1. Celebrate The Season

Use vegetables and fruits that are in season. Why? They are less likely to be expensive are more flavorsome! The best bet in finding foods in season are at you local farmers market!

2. Stick To Your List

It’s best to plan you meals out ahead of time before you go grocery shopping. You will save money by buying what you need. Have a plan man! We all know what happens when you shop while hungry, right? The point is to avoid temptation, and unnecessary snacks. Focusing on your budget means you will have more funds for veggies and fruits!

3. Try canned or frozen

It’s time to do some research. Compare the prices and servings between fresh, canned of frozen foods. Canned and frozen may be less expensive than fresh. This may depend on the season? If you do decide to choose canned fruit, then choose fruit canned in 100% fruit juice and vegetables with low sodium or no salt added on the label.

4. Plant Your Own

Start a garden on your deck or yard. Herbs, cucumbers, peppers, or tomatoes are great for beginners.

5. Plan and Cook Smart

If you would like to save time in the kitchen, consider batch cooking you meals. The easiest meals to batch cook are soups, stews, or your favorite gotos. Take your leftovers and turn them into soups or casseroles.

Pro Tips

I hope these ideas have reduced your stress? If you remain grounded and cheerful, you will bring creative solutions your way. I have learned to buy small amounts. That’s possible now that Covid19 restrictions have eased up. Be safe! I also learned that buying in bulk could be saving too! Before you shop, it may be proactive to do some comparison shopping to know where the savings are. You may check the newspaper, online, coupons, and consider shopping store brands.

Let me know your thoughts? I would be interested in knowing what your experiences are?


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