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23 MAY 2021

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For the vision awaits an appointed time; it testifies the end does not lie. Though it lingers, wait for it since, it will surely come and will not delay.

If you don’t have a vision board, don’t worry! You’ll make one in no time with a bit of patience. Find a quiet space. Use the power in visualization, and let your mind wander and flow. What resonates?

What is a vision board? 

A vision board is a physical collection of pictures, magazine clippings, words, and quotes representing your goals and dreams. It’s like a dream catcher. 

I love my vision board because it gives me a visual reminder of my soul, life experiences, and purpose. On the days I feel less confident, my vision board reminds me of how far I’ve come.

Are Vision Boards Useful? 

Yes! Vision boards are handy. They take your goals out of your head and sets them onto a beautifully crafted board made by you. Vision boards are a very personal thing, as it shapes your thoughts into a visually crafted dream collage.

Visualization is Powerful

One must believe in one’s ability to manifest by taking action. By actively pursuing your dreams, your spirit will manifest your intentions. Manifestation is called “the law of attraction.” Look at the board throughout the day; this creates synergy. As time goes on, you may not even know that you are manifesting. Seeing visual reminders of your dreams allows the subconscious to remain focused. What you focus on grows. Growth is how you build confidence in your ability to manifest. It’s all about the energy!

Planning Out Your Vision Board

Making a great vision board, one that reflects you, requires that you take the time to focus on yourself. Think about your priorities. What matters to you? If you don’t know your vision, pick 5 – 10 areas in life that you want to explore. Please don’t force it. Know that whatever you want or are seeking will seek you too. To help expedite the process, meditate on: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth, and health. Focus on what resonates with you.

The secret to making an attention-getting vision board is in the images. Start the process by clipping images or objects from magazines or any information source. Any object that triggers you into action should be placed on your board. Your thoughts turn into energy and synergy.

As you start manifesting, you may change your board as often as you like. Perhaps, you have outgrown an intention and want to remove it from the board. Do what your soul calls on you to do. There are no rules.

How Many Vision Boards Should I Have?

A vision board is like a movie. You can have many episodes. Who is the star of the show?

Do what feels right for you at a given moment. Our lives are like a puzzle; each area of our lives affects the other. You can create a theme board. For example, a career-specific board can help move you towards a specific niche.

Changing My Vision

Whenever change happens, I update the board. I may remove pictures that no longer work and add new ones. If you want to be organized and confidently move towards your goals, reorganize the board on New Year’s Day! It will trigger you into action.

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