Make 2021 Not About Restriction! But Abundance

14 May 2021

Charcuterie Anyone?

What does healthy living mean to you? Healthy living is about living your best life fruitfully—live life in abundance and balance. No restriction! Trends can restrict you if you take part because of popularity! I believe fad diets bombard us with concepts that only a few can use, but many embrace because it’s popular. Let’s make the rest of 2021 about the pursuit of health and happiness.

 Goodbye to restrictions

Do you have a great relationship with your body and food? Restrictions create a cycle of food guilt, binging, and overeating. Have you ever taken part in a diet and gave up on it? Then, you find yourself binge eating on all the foods you deprived yourself of. That’s a perfectly normal response. Let’s change that paradigm and be honest with ourselves? In the long term, diets won’t last because the mind and body will resist them. Has that happened to you?

Instead of removing food, add them.

Load up on delicious fruit and vegetables full of nutrition instead of removing and restricting certain foods or food groups. Savor and enjoy your meals with the intent of abundance vs. lack. Never deprive yourself of anything, but eat the foods you like in moderation. 


Add all the right macros to ensure each meal is satiating. The right macros are, e.g., complex carbs, fiber, protein, and fat. If you get your macros in, you will feel less hungry and eat fewer junk foods.


 Embrace healthy indulgences! Think abundance, not restriction! Enjoy your favorite edibles guilt-free and enjoy! I suggest that you find healthy versions of traditionally less healthy options. Send me a question, and I will answer you as soon as I can. I don’t embrace food rules, which create stress and unrealistic expectations. Making healthy changes and long-lasting habits takes time. I’ve learned to eat whole food carbohydrates rather than avoid them altogether.

Eat small portions throughout the day.

Be creative and think good health—part of enjoying a healthy life means eating delicious treats throughout the day. Think abundance, not restriction. If you’re feeling hungry, try a whole foods snack. Thirsty? Go for a herbal tea naturally flavored with berries, citrus, or herbs. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

Love Sheila  

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