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As a healthcare coach who specializes in nutrition education; I eat, drink, and cook my way around the world. I share my experiences with readers through travel, from smoked salmon pancakes on board a boat in Amsterdam to savory mousse at “Chez Voila” to tasting my way through a variety of Panamanian cuisine and from winging my way through a culinary class. I offer tips for eating healthy, dining solo, and meeting people along the way.

Many nutrition plans are faddish— you can eat healthy and nutritious meals

Protein Powders While Pregnant
DID YOU KNOW Food intolerances affect how the body digests foods?

Food Intolerance or Allergy
ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH nutrients to fuel muscle recovery?

Sports Nutrition?

The missing piecesYour weight loss journey is an individual experience

Weight Management
Have you ever tried Chia seed juice? It’s light and flavorsome

Chia Seeds While Pregnant?
Curious about Spirulina while pregnant- How does It affect the baby’s growth?

Spirulina While Pregnant

Juicing During Pregnancy – To juice, or not? that is the question. Why is it beneficial?

To Juice or Not to Juice?
Maca & Pregnancy– Maca is tasty in smoothies and baking. Why we can not recommend it?

Is Maca Safe During Pregnancy?
The benefits of vitamin C in pregnancy- Add lemons to water to increase hydration

Vitamin C & Lemons

Omega 3’s fatty acids are important for regeneration

Omega 3’s and You
Pistachios – Good fats are important for growth IN PREGNANCY

Pistachios While Pregnant
Omega 3 fatty acids- can reduce common pregnancy stressors

Common Pregnancy Stress

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