Sheila’s Top 4 Tips for Working Out at Home

24 May 2020

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Hi Angels Working On Earth Family 

FAM is has been such a challenging and scary time! Some of us have had to work on the front lines during the pandemic, and others stayed home for health reasons. Whatever the reason, we are in this together. The pandemic seems to be slowly but surely changing. We can now do more things because the restrictions have lessened.

Let’s work together to regain and rebuild our health? It’s essential to look after our health – both physical and mental! I am sending so much love to every one of you and hope that you and your families are staying safe and well. 

While I was home, I was doing my best to stay positive. Now, I have ventured out and am helping people in need. It feels great to be charitable! These experiences of the past year made me realize how fortunate I am. I kept reminding myself of how lucky I was to be isolated in my home. I wasn’t hungry, and I had access to medical care if needed it. 

I realized that focusing on the positive during this time does help when you’re feeling stressed or anxious about the current situation. I taught myself to look beyond the current moment and know that time will change everything. FAM, take care of yourselves and your families, stay safe and listen to all the guidelines and advice given by the government. If we are positive and stick together, we WILL get through it together!

I’m sharing how I stayed fit and active from the comfort of my own home!

Here are my top tips:

1. Warm-up.

Working out from home is a luxury as you are in your home environment. As I mentioned before, under work out tips, warm-up first. You must avoid jumping right into your routine.

Remember to warm up your muscles and try some dynamic stretching as not to injure your muscles. The warm-up process can be as long as you like. The big picture is to prevent stress and injury to your body!

2. Focus on form.

You are your own trainer; if you work out from home. I suggest you focus on form. If you can work with a trainer via an app or zoom, do if you feel comfortable. As with everything, research to avoid injury, you want to know the proper form. Maximizing your knowledge goes a long way. 

3. Pick a workout you love!

Yoga is my go-to exercise. It’s a mellow yet intense exercise. Choose workouts you love, workouts that bring out your best. LOVE what you do! Think about the movement, styles you love and focus on building them into your daily life at home! Your workout will become something you look forward to!

4. Cooldown.

Now that you have worked out! Remember, there is a process to the workout. Now, it’s time to cool down. Think about it as a version of the warm-up. The intention is to focus on stretching, targeting the specific muscles you use in your workout routine. Following this process prevents cramping and injury later! During a cooldown, I will focus on the success I had during the exercise. I meditate and focus on positive vibes! Your body is recuperating, and your cortisol and adrenaline levels are balancing!

FAM! I hope you continue with a healthy mindset as it will carry you through most obstacles in life. Stay positive!

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